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Thursday,25 January 2018

6 Ways to Rock an Oversized T-Shirt –

I bet there are always a few oversized t-shirts sitting in your closet, neglected. 🙃   No worries, you can …
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Friday,13 October 2017

Ignite Your Drawing Passion – Kiyo

Eugene Ng aka Kiyo (木又) loves digital drawing and specializes in doujin art (同人). Kiyo uses his own style to illustrate his favorite existing anime characters during his free time. He now has more than 14k …
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Thursday,5 October 2017

Designers Make Great Entrepreneurs – Marcus

Directed by Andy Muschietti, the latest upcoming blockbuster thriller film “IT” has become one of the trending topics recently. Inspired by “IT”, Marcus came out with his 1st design concept, following the trend. Spoiler Alert! He quoted…
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Tuesday,3 October 2017

The Night is Still Young – Owley

Owley is a just a lil’ owl that wants to share its thoughts with fellow mates that’s owlish around the world. Searching the…
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Monday,2 October 2017


Have you watched quick-change performance before? For those who haven’t…
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Tuesday,26 September 2017


Recently, he has been quite busy with his TV show and a few dramas. So, to all of Lex’s fans out there, stay tuned for his…
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Tuesday,19 September 2017


Introducing Our Designer Muachi (Jayce Tay) a full-time blogger and one of the ambassadors of Redken Malaysia. She has been receiving a lot of love and…
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Sunday,17 September 2017

Endless Passion (一颗不放弃的心) – Zac志祥

Something that you may not know about Zac, a local artist that recently collaborated with NTV 7 on a series entitled “My Sensei Nyonya”. He who always has awesome …
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Friday,15 September 2017

Save Me! My Life Sucks! – Melvin Red

Melvin is like any other ordinary working adult. People might have a lot of interests and hobbies but they probably have no chance to implement them at work, same as Melvin here. He has been …
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Wednesday,13 September 2017

Cute Dreams in Everyone’s Heart (人们心中可爱的梦想) – 車小僕 xiiaopanda

XiiaoPanda is on YOUTUBE, STARLIVE, and 全民LIVE. A variety of activities like singing, gaming and pranks will be on her live stream. As a social artist, she covered quite a number of songs. Among her newest cover was Eason Chan’s – You’d Better Listen To Me. She tried…
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